List of The Original Cabbage Patch Dolls Names

Cabbage Patch Doll

Young artist Xavier Roberts developed the original Cabbage Patch Dolls, commonly referred to as “Little People,” in the late 1970s. Roberts loved making dolls and had a dream of starting his own doll business. He started experimenting with soft sculpture doll creation in 1976, employing a process called needle molding that involves shaping the dolls’ … Read more

6 Most Valuable Madame Alexander Dolls

Generation after generation has adored and cherished Madame Alexander dolls because of how intricately they are made, how lifelike their features are, and how beautifully they are crafted. These Beatrice Alexander Behrman-inspired dolls have grown to be highly prized collectibles over the years, with some models selling for astronomical sums at auctions and flea markets. … Read more

How Much is Pewter Worth?


Since ancient times, pewter, a precious and collectible metal, has been employed in household goods. Its primary component is tin, and the scrap value per pound is about $4. Yet, collectors may place a significantly higher value on antique and historic pewter products. Pewter can be hard to distinguish from other metals like silver and … Read more

Guide to Identifying, Valuing, and Pricing Vintage Sarah Coventry Jewelry

Vintage Sarah Coventry Jewelry is a must-have for jewelry aficionados who value the charm of vintage items with a rich history. Here is a guide to identifying, valuing, and pricing old Sarah Coventry jewelry. These pieces of jewelry have been around for years and are popular with socialites. With 65 million pieces of jewelry sold … Read more